Slot loading drive vs. tray

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Loading mechanism is basically the mechanical component that is responsible for loading the optical disc into the reading / writing drive. There are three loading mechanisms available in the market, they are; tray, slot and the caddy.

iMac G3 Tray Loading vs. Slot Loading Comparison -… Comparing the early and late iMac G3's. No one has done a proper comparison video yet, so I took up the opportunity. Top loader vs disc tray vs internal drive. Which do you... |… Disc trays are probably the worst of the three as they break the most often, and systems that useSlot loaders do look nicer and more advanced.Top loader is probably marginally more reliable than a motorized tray but I've had more disc drive issues with top loading consoles than non-top loaders. Tray-, slot- or top-loading: which console form-factor you… Tray-loaders are cool too, but I think the console should have to pull a "home theatre equipment"And I am kind of indifferent to slot-loading drives. I mean... I was impressed in 2000s, and that'sTray is better than slot, but top-loading is the king, as long as it has a nice action. I really have to like...

Pioneer used to be really popular when DVD burning really hit mainstream because of their slot load drives. It's just cool. Mechanically speaking, pretty much every car made in the last 10 years has a slot load CD drive so they are reliable.

Tray vs. Slot Loading Tray vs. Slot Loading. How a drive actually loads the disc may be another factor to consider. Typically there are two different loading styles: tray and slot. Tray loading is your typical DVD player style; you push a button, the tray ejects, you place the disc into the tray, and the tray goes back in. slot load blu ray player and your experience with a slot… I am looking for a slot load blu ray player drive which can be used in a PC. Any info/links would be appreciated. Also, need to find out if anyone had a...

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Jun 07, 2005 · Does a slot load drive not hold up as well as a tray, especially considering you will be burning? Questions and comments are very welcome, and I know the Plex slot load is a bit more expensive, I am not trying to compare cost. I am trying to compare a slot drive vs a tray, if there is any difference when it comes to functionality/ Slot or Tray? | Tom's Hardware Forum May 10, 2001 · I wonder what is better, the CD/DVD drives with slot loading, or those with tray loading? It could be just a matter of personal preference, for all I know. But since I have never seen a slot drive before, I won't know for sure. From what I see, the slot-based drives tend to be a touch more expensive. Is it a sign of better quality? Leo Slot Loading DVD Drive vs Tray Loading DVD Drive Slot Loading DVD Drive vs. Tray Loading DVD Drive – Advantages and Disadvantages. The primary question that comes for everyone while buying laptop is whether to buy slot loading DVD drive or tray loading DVD drive? Though it is totally dependent on individuals, we need to know about these on before hand. You can purchase either slot loading slot loading DVD drive? - Ars Technica OpenForum Jun 20, 2009 · A disc gets stuck in a tray loading drive, you poke a pin in it and pull it out. A disc gets stuck in a slot loading drive, and you get the fun of tearing down the whole thing - particularly if it