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Poker Night at the Inventory (Video Game 2010) .... GlaDOS (voice) ... Claptrap mentions Ash defeating "the Nightmare King" and "The Immortal Hockey Mask ...

Poker Night 2 Preview | Stop looking at my cards, … Poker Night 2 is set to feature four new entertainment all-stars taking a seat at Telltale’s volatile poker table: Claptrap from Gearbox’s shootin’-and-lootin’I mean, can you even imagine the hilarity of having Claptrap and GLaDOS together in the same room?! “ In the official press release for Poker... GlaDOS in Poker Night 2 – Funny Lines, Portal meets … It’s GlaDOS in Poker Night 2. Watch GlaDOS as dealer in Telltale’s XBLA poker game Poker Night 2, with the best funny lines from Portal’s…This game just has my favorite robots in video games, Claptrap and GLaDOS. Space core: SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! Telltale’s Poker Night 2 Goes All-In: Brock Samson, Ash,…

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In „Poker Night 2“ bleibt vieles beim Alten, noch immer gibt es keinen Mehrspieler-Modus und an der grundlegenden Simulation wurde nichtFür mich ist fast jedes Wort von Claptrap und GLaDOS reines Comedy-Gold, so viel wie in dieser absurden Pokerrunde habe ich schon lange nicht mehr gelacht. Poker Night 2 - Steeve says Hehooo! Claptrap and GLaDOS

26 Apr 2013 ... Poker Night 2 ... During the start of your first game, you'll be introduced to the Bounty ... When this Bounty has been won from Claptrap it unlocks the ... When you've successfully won this item from GLaDOS you'll unlock the ...

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Pero si en la ecuación se juntan Ash Williams (saga Evil Dead), Claptrap ('Borderlands') y GLaDOS (no necesita presentación), la cosa cambia. Y es que son tres de las seis caras conocidas del recientemente anunciado de forma oficial 'Poker Night 2' de Telltale Games, continuación del 'Poker Night' visto a finales de 2010 en Mac y PC.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Bounty Unlockables & Guide This bounty is in reference to the VGA Award that Claptraps won for Character of the Year in 2012 (beating out Wheatley & GLaDOS incidentally). When this Bounty has been won from Claptrap it unlocks the following items and achievement; Borderlands 2 - Bluffer's Bone for Maya** Team Fortress 2 - The Spy's Handsome Jack Mask Trophy Wife Achievement Télécharger Poker Night 2 - PC - Zone Telechargement Poker Night 2 est un jeu de poker développé par Telltale Games. Il comporte cinq personnage issus d'univers différents: GLaDOS des jeux Portal, Sam de la franchise Sam & Max, Claptrap (Anglais) des jeux Borderlands, Ash Williams, personnage principal des films Evil Dead, et Brock Samson (Anglais) de la série d'animation The Venture Bros.