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Sea of Tranquility. Mare Tranquillitatis (Latin for Sea of Tranquility or Sea of Tranquillity (see spelling differences)) is a lunar mare that sits within the Tranquillitatis basin on the Moon. The mare material within the basin consists of basalt formed in the intermediate to … Apollo 11 Landing Site | National Air and Space Museum May 08, 2019 · Mare Tranquillitatis (Sea of Tranquility) 00.67408° N latitude, 23.47297° E longitude. For the first lunar landing, Mare Tranquilitatis was the site chosen because it … Where Is The Sea Of Tranquility? - Blurtit

The Sea of Tranquility is the English translation of the Latin name Mare Tranquillitatis.. The Sea of Tranquility is a mare on the moon consisting of basalt and it sits within the Tranquillitatis basin of the moon.Hence giving it it's name. This mare has a slightly bluish tint in comparison to everything else thought to be due to the metallic content of the basaltic soil or rock.

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The Sea of Tranquility is the landing site of Apollo 11, the mission that gave mankind its first ever walk on the Moon. Walk? Yes, that’s right. The Sea of Tranquility is not actually a sea, so What is the Sea of Tranquility | Encyclopedia.com